Mission & Culture


Our mission at PTIFA is to set the standard of continuing education in facial rejuvenation, by improving patient care worldwide, and by providing professionals with the highest level of clinical competency and proficiency possible.

What We Stand For

The culture at PTIFA is made up of the following three core values which help guide us in everything we do.

  • A Strong Educational Philosophy – we believe that if you’re going to invest in continued education, you should take the highest level of training available. There’s no substitute for a high caliber of education, that’s why all of our programs offer a very high level of clinical competency and proficiency. When it comes to education, we believe there are no shortcuts, and that the best training programs are based on a combination of comprehensive lecture, as well as hands-on experience. Our goal is to give you the knowledge and hands-on experience to have confidence integrating treatment back in practice.
  • Improved Patient Care – we are strong believers in improving patient communication and education in order to reach a high level of patient satisfaction. Our goal is to raise the standard of facial aesthetics, and lead practitioners to provide their patients with the best care possible.
  • Practice & Team Integration – there’s no doubt that success is based on your team’s ability to integrate new systems and procedures. Our goal is to not only train the practitioner, but also provide extensive team training in the form of both lecture and hands-on experience. We believe in training and providing your team with all the necessary tools and knowledge for immediate practice implementation.