Photography Training

Learn how you can take excellent photographic records and achieve 99% case acceptance with a single photography series.


The Roberts Facial Rejuvenation Photography(RFRP) series, developed by Drs. Warren & Janet Roberts, is a fast and effective photography system used by the clinical team to unveil patient’s sensitive concerns, wants and needs.

Key benefits of the Roberts Facial Rejuvenation Photographyseries include:

  • Improved patient care
  • Improved documentation and records
  • Treatment planning
  • Case presentations
  • Case acceptance
  • Patient education and marketing
  • Research

Interested in learning more?

In our Level 2 course, team members receive hands-on training on how to take the RFRP series. You can also learn more about the RFRP series in our online introduction to Photography for Facial Rejuvenation course, or by purchasing a hard copy of the syllabus.

Botox photography & patient record management software – coming soon!

Do you need all-in-one system for managing your facial rejuvenation treatment records? Are you struggling to compare before and after images, to show patients specific examples of your own cases, and storing all of your paper-based clinical records and photographs? FACETEC is a cloud-based solution which allows you to develop standardized clinical photography portfolios of your own work so that you can do more of these types of cases. Sign-up to hear when it’s launched.