The PTIFA Marking & Injection Techniques

Learn how you can make your patient’s botulinum toxin type A experience remarkable with PTIFA’s Therapeutic and Cosmetic Marking Templates, as well as the PTIFA Injection Technique.

PTIFA Marking and Injection Technique

It all begins with a deep-understanding of underlying head and neck anatomy which you will achieve after completing our online Level 1 – Applied Anatomy Review & Introduction to Botulinum Toxin Type A course. Next, you will attend the Level 2 – Basic Botulinum Toxin Type A: Upper Face & Bruxism course to gain hands-on experience selecting and marking specific muscles, prior to injecting multiple patients in the clinical hands-on. These unique techniques, developed by Dr. Warren Roberts, allow you to improve patient care by achieving predictable results with no negative side effects.

PTIFA Botox marking technqiue

PTIFA Botox Injection technique