A special thank you to each practitioner and team member who have taken the time to provide us with feedback on our courses. We encourage you to read some of the reviews below, as well as on Reviews Today.

“By the way, the Therapeutic Use of Botox® was one of the best courses I have ever attended!”

Dr. Frank Hohn, President of the Canadian Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons (Saskatoon, SK)

“…They have the gift of being able to convey their knowledge in a very easy to understand manner.”

“PTIFA course is most comprehensive. From the online module to the hands-on sessions, the attendees will gain an in depth knowledge of Botox and its variety of indications. Drs. Roberts and their team are absolutely wonderful. They have the gift of being able to convey their knowledge in a very easy to understand manner. A definite must for anyone who plans on using Botox for therapeutic or esthetic purposes.” October 2017

Dr. Keyvan Abbaszadeh, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon (London, ON)

“…The hands on experience has prepared me to start treatment on my patients immediately with confidence.”

“I just finished level 2 and had an amazing experience with everyone at PTIFA. The course so far has been very thorough and very easy to understand. The hands on experience has prepared me to start treatment on my patients immediately with confidence. I can’t wait to come for level 3. Thanks to everyone at PTIFA.” October 2017

Dr. Khurrum Ashraf (Waterloo, ON)

“…evidence-based knowledge and real-time skill.”

“Drs. Roberts are lovely individuals with a wealth of expert, evidence-based knowledge and real-time skill. It is truly a privilege to be training under them. Dr. Warren Roberts is an attentive and intuitive educator, and demonstrates a permeating professionalism and openness to feedback. Looking forward to bringing these advancements and way of quality patient care back home.” October 2017

Dr. Dennis Lawson, MD (Saskatoon, SK)

“…This was the best course we’ve ever taken.”

“My husband and I took this course and brought two team members with us. This was the best course we’ve ever taken. The content was relevant and in depth and the hands on portion of the course gave us confidence to start implementing Botulinum ToxinA into our practices. Everyone was exceptionally friendly and approachable. Exceptional experience!” June 2017

Dr. Natasha Hovey (Waverley, NS)

“…the best experience for me by far for any continuing education program that I have attended over the past 27 years!

This has been the best experience for me by far for any continuing education program that I have attended over the past 27 years! WOW! this program made my head spin with an over load of information and also a feeling of excitement for the future of the dental practice that I belong to. Thank-you so much to Dr.Janet Roberts and your amazing team! I will never forget the experience that I had. What a class act! xo”  June 2017
Kelly Duncan (Calgary, AB)

“…content that will allow you to integrate all systems into your office

“Fantastic course with content that will allow you to integrate all systems into your office, bringing extra team members is a bonus as we were all trained together and can implement everything quickly and seamlessly into our office. Hands on training was fantastic, very friendly team.” June 2017

Tracey Saunders (Calgary, AB)

“… able to provide Botox Cosmetic® treatment with absolute confidence.”

Hi Warren,

“I have never participated in such a thorough and complete course in many years of dental and specialty practice as I have with the Level 1 & 2 PTIFA program.  I feel completely prepared and competent to be able to provide this care in my practice, and just as importantly my team is totally on board and capable of providing the support I need to be effective and efficient.  We are excited about being able to provide Botox Cosmetic® treatment with absolute confidence.  The Drs. Roberts and their PTIFA team should be proud of the wonderful program they have developed.”

Warmest regards,
Dr. Mark Antosz (Calgary, AB)

“Our clients LOVE having their Botox® treatments…”

“Adding Botox® treatments to my scope of services has been a complete success.  It has made a positive impact from many different aspects…

Profitability: Botox® can be provided quickly and generate significant revenue with relatively how overhead.

Ease of Integration: Incorporating Botox® is much easier than it may seem.  Treatments can be provided in conjunction with regular dental appointments, quickly and discreetly.

Patient Satisfaction: Our clients LOVE having their Botox® treatments done at their dental office, it saves them time and keeps their treatments discreet in an environment they feel comfortable in and trust. Especially true  when the Doctor and the Team have the knowledge and hands-on experience they receive with PTIFA.

Fun Factor:  This is perhaps the biggest payoff for my team and I.  Botox® gets people excited, and when people get excited they have fun.  It definitely brightens our day and its a nice change to have patients come in and actually be excited to be in our dental office.  Absolute WIN – WIN.

PTIFA has been very instrumental in our success, the training was superb. The hands-on components were so important, not only for me to become confident but also for my team to become confident in me as well.  I feel that through my training with PTIFA and my participation in the Botox® Study Club I have established a solid understanding of Botox® and all it’s indications.  I know what to expect, and I know how to manage a patients expectations and any concerns they may have.  I would recommend PTIFA and its programs to any dental team interested in having more fun, offering a higher level of service to their clients, and being more profitable.”

Dr. Trevor Morhaliek (Kelowna, BC)

“Your course was one of the best”

“It was a pleasure to observe a true master both during the didactic part of the presentation and during the clinical phase as well.  Your course was one of the best that I have attended.  Thank you for doing this for the CAOMS and it’s membership.”

Walter Dobrovolsky, B. Sc., DDS, FRCD(C)
Chief of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery RAH
Clinical Proffessor OMFS, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
University of Alberta, Executive Director of AOMSA

“…Incredibly exciting treatment modality…”

Hello Dr. Warren!  I am happy to report on Monday, the first day back after my Botox® training I sold 85 units!!!!  My staff are super excited to promote facial esthetics. Thank you for teaching this incredibly exciting treatment modality.  Your Botox® training course is the final piece to the smile makeover puzzle!!

Dr. Mark Epinoza (Phoenix, AZ)

“Highly recommended…”

Fabulous course! Not only is it a great teaching course for Botox® administration but a tremendous review of the underlying anatomy, muscle and nerve function to ensure better results. Well organized and great speakers. Would highly recommend this course to other practitioners.

Dr. Shannon Davidson, MD (Toronto, ON)

“…Profound depth of knowledge…”

Its some months since I took your advanced course – and I have purposely waited before writing this.  What struck me most clearly at the time of the course was your profound depth of knowledge on the subject (aesthetic and therapeutic) and your outstanding transmission of the information – of the most highest of quality.

For me, this makes your course one for the thinking practioner, not a cookbook – and you so methodically provide a solid anatomical and functional grounding – that has helped me take the knowledge away with great assurance and implement with confidence.  I so appreciated your integrity around stressing the detail – and the the absolute passion and joy you have for your work – expresses in your teaching so evidently and is inspiring.

To those of you reading this, if you’re seeking a Botox® course to catapult you safely into this – a new arena of your practice – look no further !  I feel fortunate to have found your institute and I will be back for more.

Paul N Abramowitz, DMD, PC

“…One of the most comprehensive training courses…”

Dr. Warren Roberts has developed one of the most comprehensive training courses that I have ever attended. I recommend his course to anyone who wants to learn how to deliver optimal results in their esthetic treatment plans.

Dr. Bruce Baird
The Productive Dentist Academy

“…One of the best professional courses I have attended…”

I attended a MD taught Botox® certificate course. Sadly, it did not provide the didactic or hands-on experience that I expected and needed. I was left without the knowledge, confidence  and competence needed to treat a patient with Botox® injections.

Recently, I attended Dr. Warren Roberts’ course at the Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics which was thoughtfully designed, thorough in content and pleasantly delivered.

It was one of the best professional courses I have attended as both dentist and otolaryngologist. I recommend highly his course with the confidence that you will be enriched by the delivery of both its content and hands-on experience.

Arey Gorenstein, DMD, MD, MS, FRCS

“Fantastic course with tons of info.”

Dr. Roberts knows more about Botox® then any dentist or physician I have met.  Fantastic course with tons of info.  I will definitely be back for the Masters 1 Course.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel (Township, NJ)

“A thinking persons course, dynamic and thought provoking…”

I thoroughly enjoyed and gained much for all your years of experience – and how you brought things together – it’s a thinking persons course, dynamic and thought provoking.  Your course was more advanced (than another Botox® course I attended) and your syllabus were far more useful – and on another level- there was far more dept to the presentation.

Paul Abramowitz, DDS

“…Perfect balance of didactic and hands on training…”

A perfect balance of didactic and hands on training.  I would highly recommend this course to any person wanting to learn the practice of Botox®.

Chris Gill, DDS

“…Able to apply the learned skills immediately…”

A well structured course course that gives you the confidence to apply the learned skills immediately.  Dr. Roberts was very informative and knowledgeable while it a fun learning experience.

Dr. Phil Gaudin

“…Gives you excellent training and confidence to start right away…”

Dr. Roberts is a great teacher!  This course will give you excellent training and confidence to start right away.  He’s the first lecturer that I can pay attendtion to for the ENTIRE course!

“Very engaging lecturer and quite entertaining!”

Dr. Kayla Nguyen

“Excellent class.”

Excellent class.  Its given me great confidence to start applying Botox® in my office on Monday.

Dr. F. Peterson

“…Well worth my time.”

This course was well worth my time.  It expanded my knowledge and treatment options for my patients.  This combined with CCADS Smile Design Systems™ gives me a predictable and comfortable way to treat my patients, thank you!

Jeff Davidson, DDS

“…Exceeded everyone’s expectations…”

I do want to thank you again for such a great and enlightening presentation. I know that everyone who attended loved it. You exceeded everyone’s expectations and I am looking forward to having you again.

Moshe Mizrachi

The Columbus Institute for Cosmetic Dentistry

“…Thank you for your time, dedication and passion.”

Having been in the lecture busines for a long time, I cannot begin to thank you enough for your time, dedication and passion.  You have raised my bar on your knowledge and commitment to your field.  Jennifer and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I assure you I will be a missionary for your cause.  Anytime you need a referral please have  them call me.  I am so excited to move forward with this part of my life.  I have been waiting so long to find the skills to utilize what Botox® has to offer my patient base.

My friends had a blast, everything was first class and you are so humble.

Sincerely, thank you again for your time away from family and for my new journey.

Tom Trinkner, DMD

“…Clearly  presented and organized efficiently…”

Recently, I  completed the Two Day Course conducted by the Pacific Training Institute for Facial  Aesthetics. The mentor is Dr. Warren Roberts, of whom has been an educator of mine during dental school. I have always thought of Dr. Roberts as a leader in dentistry.

I also thought it would be better if Botox® was taught to me, a dentist, by another dentist.

Dr. Roberts presented the material in a clear and precise manner. I feel very confident after taking this course that I can incorporate this treatment option into my practice. The didactic and clinical aspects of the course were clearly  presented and organized efficiently and well. I would recommend any dentist who is interested in incorporating Botox® treatment into their office to take this course.

As usual Dr. Roberts is showing he is just a step ahead by his presentation.

Elis Yu, DMD

“…Absolutely wonderful and it provided a lot of confidence.”

Just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful course. The hands-on portion was absolutely wonderful and it provided a lot of experience and confidence.

Suzanne Carlisle, DMD

“…Educational and exciting.”

We can’t stop talking about the program and have set some protocols in motion. Attending an educational Botox®  program with Dr. Warren Roberts is both educational and exciting. His knowledge and thoroughness in presenting the information made the transition to the “hands-on” part of the program easy and fun!

I highly recommend learning with Dr. Roberts at any level.

Jeffrey Tilson, DMD, FAGD

“…Vastly superior…”

Dr. Roberts is definitely an expert on Botox®! This course is a solid investment for doctors. The comprehensive anatomy review, photography module and depth of the hands-on training were extremely good.The color syllabus, diagrams and schematics were well thought-out and come from Dr. Roberts’ own history of patient treatment.

The Pacific Training Institute’s course was vastly superior to a previous one day introductory Botox® course I took in New York. I found Dr. Roberts’ two day course was packed full of current and relevant material and should give any doctor the confidence to offer Botox® in their practice.

Ivan Kahn, DMD

“…THE world renown expert.”

I want to personally thank you for making the lecture a success. I felt like the information presented was over the top! Dr. Roberts presented some very pertinent information regarding a new viable frontier in dentistry.

My eyes were opened to a new understanding of how musculature of the face synergistically affects occlusal pathology, smiles and TMD related issues. To ignore how the facial musculature contributes to and affects oral and peri-oral conditions would be as to treat the left condyle and not the right.

It would be as to unilaterally treat one side of the occlusal plane and not the other. Once knowledge is discovered it cannot be ignored and must be applied to advance and improve patient treatment…I recommend you as the world renown expert.

John Schwartz, DDS
The Integra Institute

“Beautiful Template!”

“You have created a beautiful template that if the practitioners follow, they can perform Botox® therapy predictably and safely without side affects.”

Sig Strauts, MD

“…Strongly suggest this course…”

I investigated many Botox® courses before deciding on this one and I am so pleased I chose one which meets all my nursing standards and scope of practice. I am a registered nurse who has attended many educational medical training seminars over my many years as an ICU, ER and Life Flight nurse and I feel this course is the “Edge of Excellence” in all aspects.

I was given all the tools to learn anatomy of the facial muscles, detailed physiology of Botox® medication and its action, research information and viewed  many interesting comparative studies and photographs. The “hands-on portion” was extremely well done with all participants given equal opportunity to map, inject and work with clients in a relaxed therapeutic setting. I strongly suggest this course to all nurses who wish to enter a fun and rewarding career in the Botox® medical cosmetic industry.

I thank Dr. Roberts for putting together such a professional, informative, well  researched and knowledgeable training session. I had such an enjoyable experience with the instruction, team support and participants that i will definitely be back for further courses!

Sharon Trigg, RN

“…Platinum plus.”

Your facility is a showpiece!
The presentation is absolutely platinum plus.
A must for every practitioner.

Bryce Gibney
Practice Referrals Inc.

“….The nitty gritty of Botox®!”

Dr. Warren Roberts really gets to the nitty gritty of Botox®.  Well done course! Highly recommend for anyone who wants to deliver Botox®.
Dr. N. Papapetros, DMD

“…Highly recommend it!”

Basic principals outlined in an unforgettable manner – great course, highly recommend it!

Dr. Morris Gourgi, Oral Surgeon

“…perform procedures immediately and correctly…”

I would highly recommend this course to anyone treating head and neck conditions.  Dr. Roberts provides the knowledge and skills necessary to perform procedures immediately and correctly.

Dr. James Holland, Orthodontist

“Great for Staff!”

“Would have been beneficial to have staff members present, we will just all have to come to Vancouver :)

Dr. Danielle Ross, Orthodontist

“…a far superior and comprehensive course…”

I learned so much and I definitely prefer Dr. Roberts’ technique.  In comparison to the other courses available, Dr. Roberts’ has a far superior and comprehensive course.  He takes the time to thoroughly explain anatomy and he gives enough information to provide you with the confidence to start the procedures in your own office.  During the hands on portion you will get a great deal of personal attention and you will be able to ask questions with one on one attention.  Dr. Roberts has a passion for what he does and it shows in his teachings and mentoring.

I highly recommend Dr. Roberts, whether you are a doctor that is just getting started with Botox® or if you just need a refresher, the Pacific Training Institute will have what you need.”

Dr. Christen Simpson, DDS, MBA