What Makes Us Different

For medical practitioners who are looking for the best in class botulinum toxin, dermal filler and facial rejuvenation educational program, we are the only provider that offers an unprecedented depth of clinical teaching and who’s educational model has been adopted by regulatory boards to help develop the standard of practice for facial aesthetic therapies.

Our programs are anatomy based and based on providing you with proven clinical protocols to successfully integrate treatment back into your practice. The unique systems developed by Drs. Warren and Janet Roberts have enabled them to successfully integrate botulinum toxin (aka Botox®/Dysport/Xeomin) and facial rejuvenation into their Vancouver practice – making them the #1 dental provider of Botox® in North America. Coupled with support back in practice, we are confident our training model will allow you to immediately and successfully be able to integrate facial rejuvenation as a new treatment modality.

We’re also proud to offer you:

A High Caliber of Education

  • Our educational model provides such a high level of clinical competency and proficiency that it has been adopted by various regulatory boards across Canada to help develop the standard of practice.
  • A university-level educational experience that offers comprehensive in-depth training, including didactic lecture and hands-on clinical experience
  • Separate and extensive training developed specifically for engaging the entire clinical team (including dental and medical teams)
  • Anatomy-based education as we believe in spending a significant amount of time reviewing fundamentals and principles – including 16+ hours of anatomy in the foundational Level 1 course
  • Proven treatment templates and techniques provided to help you achieve predictable and desired results, as well as higher patient satisfaction (with no negative side effects)
  • Online content and education, including recorded lectures, e-cadaver videos, advanced anatomy, team member training videos, and more so that you can share with your entire team, and refer back to it in the future and spend less time away from your practice
  • Extensive comprehensive course syllabus at each course – developed with our faculty’s own cases (and not from the manufacturers). You will receive copies of all of the presentation notes, research material, treatment guides, etc.. Team members who attend the team member training also receive their own team-member training syllabus

Internationally Acclaimed Educators

Our key faculty members, Drs. Warren & Janet Roberts, are highly experienced and key opinion leaders in the field of botulinum toxin type A and facial rejuvenation. Both practitioners are general dentists, who have trained dentists, physicians, specialists, and nurses on an international level in the field of aesthetics. Dr. Warren Roberts has been recognized as a top leader in continuing education by Dentistry Today, Dr. Jan Roberts lectures across North America in the field of aesthetic dentistry and smile design. Both teach with their own materials and cases – a rarity to find these days. Additionally, they have developed the following templates and procedures:

CE Recognition by Regulatory Bodies

Our programs are recognized by:

  • Alberta Dental Association + College (ADA+C)

Practice Protocols and Clinical Integration for Improved Patient Care

In order to facilitate practice and clinical integration, each of our hands-on courses incorporates extensive team member training as a combination of lecture and hands-on clinical experience. We find that the practitioners who bring their entire teams are the ones who are most successful incorporating botulinum toxin type A and facial rejuvenation treatment back in practice. The Roberts Facial Rejuvenation Photography™ series is a foundational system used to take excellent photographic records, and help you achieve 99% case acceptance.

Continued Mentoring & Support

We are strong believers in providing you with all of the tools to ensure you succeed back in practice. That’s why we offer an online Botulinum Toxin Study Club, which includes direct case support for your difficult cases back in practice with Dr. Roberts as well as team training videos and and more. We are also proud to offer systems for practice integration including patient education and practice integration tools.