Botox Case Study; Before & After Results

May 24, 2014: Patient Consultation & Day of Initial Treatment

The Roberts Facial Rejuvenation Photography (RFRP) series revealed that the patient had very strong Glabella frown lines, very strong forehead lines (Frontalis), and crow’s feet (Orbicularis Oculi). She was treated with 72 units of Botox Cosmetic®. At the time of consultation, prior to injection, the patient was advised of the strong indenting ‘commas’ in the Frontalis and advised that we may need to tweak these areas with additional units of Botox Cosmetic® when she returned for her follow-up in two weeks.

June 9, 2014: 2-Week Follow-up

The RFRP series revealed that the patient’s ‘commas’ had been softened, however they were still noticeable. Three more sites where marked in the lateral area, adjacent to the Superior Temporal line, 1cm inferior to the previous injection line of the initial horizontal injection. The patient will be seen in another two weeks to verify that the ‘commas’ are gone. At the 3 month recare, the patients treatment will be a combination of the two treatment dates, with the two injection sites and number of units.


Lift – Before
Lift – After


Frown – Before Frown – After

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From Dr. Warren Roberts, A Botox Case Study