Is Botox® Cost Effective? How Much Does Botox® Treatment Cost?

Both patients and professionals often ask us what we charge per unit for Botox® treatment. Drs. Warren and Jan Roberts charge $12/unit at their Vancouver dental practice, A Smile Above, and we recommend that all graduates of the Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics charge the same. Our practice is located within several blocks of other clinics that charge $9 to $10 per unit, however, the level of service and patient care we provide is what differentiates us and has patients returning to us for their treatment.

As a PTIFA graduate, you and your team will be providing your patients with a high-level of patient care. You have developed an in-depth understanding of head and neck anatomy and how it relates to Botox® and facial rejuvenation, and have also received extensive hands-on training with the Roberts Facial Rejuvenation Photography series – for improved records and for understanding patient wants, needs and sensitivities. Using the PTIFA marking and injection techniques, you will be able to provide your patients with desired results with no negative side effects.

The cost of Botox® treatment varies on the total number of units your practioner has prescribed in your treatment plan. The top factors include: type of treatment provided (therapeutic vs. cosmetic treatment), areas of the face/neck treated, subconscious expressiveness, desired results, age, gender and activity/fitness level. We always recommend that patients schedule a proper consultation with Dr. Warren Roberts or with one of our graduates to get a better understanding of the cost of Botox® treatment, however the approximate dosage ranges for treatment are:

Botox® Cosmetic Treatment:

  • Glabella (the number “11” lines in between the eyebrows): 30 to 45 units
  • Frontalis (lines on the forehead): 10 to 18 units
  • Crows Feet (lines beside the eyes): 2 to 15 units per side
  • Mid-Face (lines around the nose-area): 12 to 16 units
  • Gummy Smiles: 2-6 units per side
  • Canted /Un-Even Smiles: 2-5 units per side
  • Dimples: 2-5 units /side
  • Necklace Lines: variable ~4 bands. 2-12 units per band
  • Lower-face (chin area): 1 to 6 units

Botox® Therapeutic Treatment:

  • Myofascial pain (Bruxing/grinding/clenching/pain/headaches/migraines): 70 to 150 units of Botox®

For more information on Botox® treatment, we recommend that you register for the online Level 1 online course (Advanced Anatomy & Intro to Botox) which will provide you with a solid introduction to Botox® or contact us at [email protected] or call 1-855-681-0066.