Anatomical Landmarking Workshop for Predictable Botulinum Toxin Results


This workshop is proudly offered in Maui, Whistler and Palm Desert and is geared for dentists, physicians and nurses who are new to cosmetic injectables, as well as seasoned injectors who are wanting to strengthen their anatomy and learn PTIFA's industry leading marking and injection techniques.

Limited seating.

99% of negative side effects associated with botulinum toxin treatment are injector related. That' why we believe that a deep understanding of facial anatomy can help you achieve consistent predictable results and avoid the negative side effects. In this hands-on workshop, Drs. Roberts relate surface features of the face to underlying bone and musculature using a skull and cadaver. Practice the PTIFA Anatomical Marking Technique for identifying vital bony landmarks and appropriate injection sites for botulinum toxin treatment. Learn how PTIFA’s industry-leading technique will allow you to provide the highest level of patient care, improve your competency and proficiency, and achieve even greater practice success.


  1. Understand why a deep understanding of facial anatomy is crucial for providing predictable botulinum toxin treatment.
  2. Understand how surface features of the face relate to underlying anatomy.
  3. Learn the PTIFA Anatomical Landmarking Technique for aesthetic botulinum toxin treatment in the upper face.


  • Facial Anatomy Review
  • the PTIFA Anatomical Marking Technique

Format & CE

This workshop is a special program including a hands-on session (total 3-4 hours). A certificate will be provided upon successful completion of the course.



Who can attend this workshop?
This workshop is geared for dentists, physicians and nurses who are interested in learning more about PTIFA's anatomy-based patient care practices, however the workshop is open for anyone to take.
Are there any prerequisites to take this workshop?
No, there are no prerequisites to register. This workshop is open to anyone and is geared to provide practitioners with an introduction to PTIFA's curriculum.
Will there be any injections done at this workshop?
No, this is an introductory workshop which includes an integrative cadaver lab focusing on the anatomy and clinical marking techniques. No injections will be practiced. For formal training, please review Level 1 and Level 2 course.
Can a physician or dentist delegate treatment to a staff member?
Yes, however treatment must be provided by a qualified medical, dental or qualified skin therapist, including aestheticians.



Learn how PTIFA's anatomy-based education can help you provide the highest level of patient-care.

Understand how a deep understanding of facial anatomy can allow you to achieve predictable results (and avoid negative side effects).

Understand how PTIFA's educational system provides a synergy of science and art.

Fees & Requirements

Fees: $1,299

Requirements: This course is open to qualified medical, dental & nursing professionals, as well as appropriate clinical delegates who will work under the care of a medical or dental director as a trained technician.

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