Patient Models

Level 2 offers you the most clinically-based course within the industry. Our goal is to maximize your hands-on experience so that you are confident providing treatment the first day back in your own practice. As such, you should have the opportunity to inject 8+ patients.

woman receiving botox injection in the forehead

On Day 2 (Saturday), you will be scheduled to see patients all day in an operatory alongside a dedicated Instructor with four to five other practitioners. We work diligently to schedule the clinic with as many patient models as possible for experience and benefit. As such, each practitioner is required to provide at least one patient model for aesthetic upper face treatment or therapeutic treatment.

You will participate in the PTIFA Marking Template on each model in your operatory, and will also have the opportunity to inject a specific area on each patient. This maximizes your hands-on experience in a controlled environment, and provides you the opportunity to inject a variety of tissue types and treat 8+ cases.

Patient Model Candidates

We recommend that one of your team members, who are attending the Team Training portion of the course is your patient model as your practice will benefit from them being able to relate their personal experience of treatment to patients. We also highly recommend that you, as a practitioner, be a patient model for this reason. Please note that if you are unable to provide a patient, your hands-on experience may be more limited. Please contact us as soon as possible to book your model and/or yourself for aesthetic or therapeutic BoNT-A treatment.