About Us

The Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics is an advanced anatomy-based facial rejuvenation training organization known it’s high caliber of teaching and patient care practices. PTIFA is the world’s number one educational provider in the field of facial rejuvenation (botulinum toxin type A, dermal fillers, lasers and more); our graduates are some of the most highly trained and qualified botulinum toxin and facial rejuvenation practitioners in the world. Through recognizing a need for a higher standard of training, we’ve grown to train healthcare professionals on an international level. How? By a strong commitment to a high level of clinical competency and proficiency, as well as practice success. Learn more about our history.

Who We Are

  • The world’s leading facial rejuvenation educational provider
  • Established in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 2008
  • A highly experienced faculty who have trained thousands of healthcare practitioners in the field of aesthetics
  • Key opinion leaders, and always on the leading edge of industry change

What We Do

We provide an unprecedented depth of clinical teaching in the field of facial rejuvenation for healthcare practitioners, including: physicians, dentists, specialists, nurses and their teams. With an emphasis on advanced anatomy, complete practice and team integration, we offer a unique educational format that includes a combination of online courses, lectures, and hands-on clinical experience in the following areas:

  • Botulinum toxin type A/neuromodulators
  • Dermal Fillers (hyaluronic acid)
  • Lasers
  • and more…

Why Facial Rejuvenation?

Today, the sophisticated patient has access to unlimited information, with the result that there are increasing aesthetic demands and from patients. There is a critical tie-in between facial soft tissue contours and the dental smile design. We are seeing more cases where the aging soft tissue aspects associated with the smile, if addressed prior to the definitive dental cosmetics, can dramatically change the final restorative approach.

The benefit of being able to treat the dentofacial aesthetics as a whole rather than piecemeal is of increasing importance to today’s patient. This change is similar to when we began to incorporate dental implants into the general practice in the 80’s. Today, implants are an integral part of general dentistry. The ability to successfully treat all aspects of a cosmetic case, start to finish, is key to achieving ideal aesthetic results.

As with dental implants, it is crucial that you have the knowledge to incorporate these areas into your treatment plan. You may elect to take the courses and perform these procedures yourself, or you may refer the implants or facial treatments to other dentists or practitioners. An understanding of the concepts are important in either case in order to provide state of the art dental smile design for your patient.