Botox & Fillers Approved for Nova Scotia Dentists

the provincial dental board of nova scotia logoThe Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia (PDBNS) has approved the use of botulinum toxin A and dermal fillers for dentists – announced back in November of 2019. The PDBNS has incorporated a “Standard of Practice for the Use of Botulinum Toxin (Type A) and Esthetic Therapies” which was modified from the Alberta Dental Association and College Standard of Practice introduced back in 2016. The college in Nova Scotia is now the second province within Canada to formally recognize and introduce this national standard of patient care.

Botox Course for Nova Scotia Dentists

After completing proper training, Nova Scotia dentists can now offer botulinum toxin treatments (ie: Botox/Dysport) for aesthetics (fine lines and wrinkles) and facial pain/therapeutics (migraines/headaches/TMD), as well as dermal fillers (facial volume). To begin offering services in their practice, dentists must complete a minimum of the online Level 1 course, as well as the Level 2 clinical hands-on.

The PTIFA Training Advantage

We invite Nova Scotia dentists and their teams to learn from Dr. Warren Roberts and his world-renown training. Successfully learn how to integrate injectables into your practice with our proven clinical protocols. As a PTIFA graduate, you will benefit from:

  • anatomy & evidence-based training including online courses (including: e-Skull, e-Cadaver in Level 1)
  • learning the industry leading PTIFA Anatomic Landmark Template & Injection Techniques
  • the most extensive & comprehensive clinical training available in the world – inject 10+ patients at the clinical hands-on
  • learning both the therapeutic & aesthetic applications of botulinum toxin and their synergy
  • ability to immediately integrate into your practice and engage your entire team
  • a university-level education that has been used by various regulatory boards to establish the “Standard of Practice”.

Next Steps: Botox Course for Nova Scotia Dentists

Start your training today with the online Level 1 course. Register at any time for the Level 2 clinical hands-on – held monthly at the Patterson Dental Learning Centre located at the University of British Columbia.