Botox Revenue Opportunity for Dental Practices

Are you interested in how Botox might benefit patient care in your dental practice? Additionally, incorporating Botox into your practice can significantly help you increase practice revenue with minimal overhead.

On average, a new Botox® patient requires 50 to 70 units of Botox. At $12 per unit, that visit equals $600 to $840 in practice revenue.

Seeing only six Botox® patients per month produces approximately $3,600 – $5,040 additional revenue per month.

In one year, six patients per month will produce a minimum of $43,200 in practice revenue.

Botox Dental Practice Revenue











Initial Outlay

Return on Investment

Dentists will see a complete return on their training investment in less than two months (based on seeing six Botox® patients, not including cost of Botox® product). Besides ordering product and incorporating a tray system, offering Botox® as a treatment require no additional equipment or investment. You will be able to offer Botox® Therapeutic as a service to treat bruxing and grinding, as well as TMD/TMJ. Offering Botox Cosmetic, your practice will be able to help patients reduce the signs of aging by treating fine facial lines and wrinkles including: crows feet (lines beside the eyes), forehead lines and in-between the eyebrows. Upon completion of the Level 3 course, you will be able to help your patients reduce wrinkles and fine lines in the mid-face and lower-face and neck, reduce smoker lines and necklace lines. and also reduce the amount of gum they show they smile (gummy smiles), and uneven/unbalanced lip position.

The Key to Success?

Learn not only the theory on Botox®, but also how Drs. Roberts successfully integrates Botox® and facial rejuvenation into their dental practice with their outstanding practice protocols. The key to making Botox® a success in your practice is the PTIFA team training system – based on clinical integration from Drs Roberts which has made them the number one dental provider of Botox® in North America. Engage your entire dental team and learn to take excellent photographic records using the Roberts Facial Rejuvenation Photography series. For more details, please contact us at 1-855-681-0066 or email us.