How to Start Injecting Botox After Completing Your Training

botox being injected into women's forehead by doctorSo you just completed the clinical at your Level 2 course. You’re likely feeling confident with the anatomical approach and motivated to put the skills you just learned into practice. So how do you keep up the momentum?

At PTIFA, we pride ourselves on being able to help you successfully integrate Botox back in to your practice. Simply follow the steps to help you start injecting right away.

Order Botox + Supplies

You’ll want to start the process of opening an account to order the toxin as soon as possible, as the process can sometimes take a week or so after you have submitted all required documentation.

Vials of Botulinum Toxin
Please contact one of the distributors below to set-up an account and to order botulinum toxin.

  • Abbvie
  • Allergan
  • Galderma

Log-in to your Level 2 course to see full contact info.

Simply review the “Supplies” list (located at the back of your Level 2 binder under “Resources” or download it from the “Supplies” section of the online Level 2 course).
You can also order a Set-up Tray – geared to help you treat you first 10 cases. This will save you time and the expense from having to order some of the large quantities required by the suppliers.

Cross-Train Your Team

Your team is critical to successfully integrating treatment in your practice. You want to ensure that your team knows how to reconstitute, load syringes, take the photography and bill patients (including insurance). We find that those who cross-train their entire team are the ones who are most successful. Nothing can replace the enthusiasm and excitement that team members will gain by completing training. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend the Level 2 – Team Training Course (online + hands-on). If travelling to take the Level 2 hands-on isn’t an option, we also offer an online course called the Business & Clinical Integration Course (online only).

Prep For Your First Botox Case

We recommend reviewing the following resources in your Level 2 course prior to injecting your first case:

  • Download the PTIFA Clinical Protocols sheet
  • Review the Roberts Facial Rejuvenation Photography series PDF
  • Review the Reconstitution Video
  • Review the Billing Video
  • Ensure you book your patient back in for their two week post-op

Inject Your First 10 Botox patients

So where do you first 10 cases come from? We recommend that you start off by treating the following types of patients:

  • Treat your team members at no cost. Your Team Members are you best advocates! Ask that they share their photographic results in before & after albums within your office. This way patients will ask them about their experience with you and be able to share their personal experience.
  • Treat your spouse, friends and top patients. Let them know that you recently completed advanced training and ask if they would like treatment.

Marketing Botox & Patient Education

Let your existing patients know that you are now offering Botulinum Toxin as a service. With an established relationship, you might be surprised how many patients are already receiving treatment elsewhere and are open to receiving treatment from you.

Here are some top ways to market it within your practice:

  • Update your practice website
  • Place the graduate badge in your email signature and on your website
  • Post on social media
  • Replace magazines in your reception area with before & after albums & brochures from the distributors
  • Send out an eblast or newsletter to your patients
  • Place a sign at your reception desk and in each operatory

Marketing Templates are available in Level 2 course and the online Study Club.

Open a FACETEC account

FACETEC is geared to help you store & manage digital copies of your patient’s records and also develop a portfolio of your own before & after cases – what patients want to see! Set-up an account so that you can easily compare before & after photographic results and easily manage your patient’s records.

Upload Your Cases For Feedback

The online Study Club is designed to provide you with on-going support back in your own practice. We recommend that you upload all of your cases as you get started into the “Case Support” of the Study Club so that Dr. Roberts can comment and provide feedback on your markings and case details.

Integrating Botox into your practice can be challenging, however our protocols have a proven track record or setting you up for success. Contact us at 1-855-681-0066 if you have questions or require further assistance as we’re here to support you!