Back to Anatomy€”Better Results with Injectables

Wondering why you don’t get 100% results when using botulinum toxin (aka “Botox”, “Dysport”, “Xeomin”) in your practice? Dr. Warren Roberts, Clinical Director of the Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics, recently answered in a video put together by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). Interested in learning more? Join us at the AACD’s 2017 Scientific Session in Las Vegas next April.

Dr. Warren Roberts:

Good morning. Dr. Warren Roberts from Vancouver, British Columbia to give a little tip for the AACD. My wife and I, Dr. Jan Roberts and I, we lecture on botox and facial rejuvenation or botox, both cosmetic and both therapeutic. The most frequent question we’re asked by people that have taken another course is why they don’t get a hundred percent results or what their downfalls are. Key thing is you have to go back to anatomy.

In facial rejuvenation, if you think anatomy, go back to a skull, go back to a cadaver and think about what anatomy is and not a wrinkle or not a sign of the skin, but think of anatomy. What happens with that is that what we do with these individuals are level 1, and level 2, level 3. All our level courses are online, but they’re anatomically based.

When people come out of the course, they come out and have a much better concept of what they’re trying to achieve. This morning, what we did is start it off with a smile design and it was a beautiful veneers from both first molar to first molar and Dr. Jan went to describe how they were going to position the upper lip, up, down, left, right and the lower lip, up, down, left, right to finish off the smile design.

In the afternoon, what we did that’s all based on anatomy is exactly the same thing. Therapeutically, always thinking anatomy to design the case for the parafunctional habit or the pain, headache, migraine. It’s always going back to anatomy. The tip is, go back and take a really good course of anatomy and you get a hundred percent results.