How did Dr. Roberts Become the #1 Dental Provider of Botox® in North America?

We commonly get asked how did Dr. Warren and Jan Roberts become the number one dental provider of Botox® in North America?

The answer? Dr. Warren and Jan Roberts opened their Vancouver dental practice, A Smile Above, in 2008 from scratch. Starting off with no patients, they have grown to become the number one dental provider of Botox® in North America. Drs Roberts’ success is a result of the clinical protocols they have developed for successfully integrating Botox® into a dental practice, including:

  • the Roberts Facial Rejuvenation Photography – a series of 29 photographs taken at the consultation and post-op appointment and is used for improved records, recording and analyzing results, and for achieving 99% case acceptance,
  • the PTIFA Botox® therapeutic and cosmetic marking & injection templates
  • the PTIFA injection technique – for desired results and no negative side effects
  • the ideal Botox® treatment sequence and extensive team member training – including hands-on photography training, how to speak to patients about Botox®, reconstitution and set-up, billing, marketing and more…

Drs. Roberts have also spent a significant amount of time studying and understanding the underlying anatomy, and now teach the theory in the Level 1A (Advanced Anatomy & Introduction to Botox®) online course. Coupled with the extensive hands-on experience participants receive in the Level 2 (Basic Botox: Cosmetic Upper Face & Bruxism) hands-on course, we are confident that other dentists, physicians and registered nurses can successfully integrate Botox® treatment into their practice.

They have also dedicated time to engaging and cross-training their entire dental team (including their dental assistants, hygienists and office managers) with the Roberts Facial Rejuvenation Photography series. As a patient in their practice, each team member can confidently speak to you about the benefits of Botox treatment, and give you an idea whether you may be a good candidate for treatment. Using the photography series, the dental team will uncover your wants, needs and sensitivities. Each team member is treated to Botox® treatment at no cost and their before and after photographs are shared throughout the clinic in the form of before and after albums, digital signage, website etc. All of these pearls are taught in the team training of the Level 2 program.

For more information on integrating Botox® into a dental practice, please contact us by email at [email protected] or call us toll-free at 1-855-681-0066. Our team is passionate about sharing our experience with you would be happy to speak to you further about the best steps on how to get started with Botox® treatment.