Solving TMD: Correct Case Selection for Treatment with Botox

Did you miss our last webinar on June 18th? Dr. Roberts discussed Solving TMD: correct case selection for treatment with Botox® (TMD: part 1 of 3).

Good news – we have recently uploaded the recording on to the members-only website of the online Botox® Study Club. Simply log-in, and select the “Recorded Webinars” tab to access the video. To register or renew your membership online, click here.

Solving TMD: Webinar Summary

Here’s a quick recap of what we reviewed:

  • Why cosmetic upper face and therapeutic TMD injections are synergistic treatments.
  • The 23 factors to be considered in TMD diagnosis.
  • The three different mechanisms of action with Botox® Cosmetic.
  • The three main PTIFA injection templates.
  • An e-Anatomy review.
  • The muscles of facial expression, muscles of mastication and ligaments.
  • Why start with a case with only Parafunctional habit, with no pain or headache.
  • Parafuntional habit case review.


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