The Benefits of Photography in Botox® and Facial Rejuvenation

Is there a way that we can unveil and reveal the key sensitive concerns in our patients’ heart? The answer is yes! Using photography.

Drs. Warren and Janet Roberts have developed the Roberts Facial Rejuvenation Photography (RFRP) series – a standardized sequence of 29 photographs. The series has many benefits including improved medical/legal records, the ability to analyze and compare (DX and TX planning), the ability to discover something hidden, tweak treatment, and also help the dental team achieve 99% case acceptance. We have a series of courses that will teach you more about dental and facial rejuvenation photography.

At Drs. Roberts’ Vancouver clinic, their team takes the entire RFRP series at each Botox® and facial rejuvenation consultation, as well as the 2-week post-op, and 3-4 month re-care appointments.

Photographs can be extremely powerful, as they can help you and your team reveal your patients’ emotions. In our Level 2 course, we not only train the entire dental team on how to take the RFRP series, but we also walk you through the flow of the patient consultation and show you how to use the photographs to uncover hidden needs and sensitivities.

When patients look at their photographs, they often see:
– Tissue appearance – wrinkles, lines, aging spots, sun damage
– The aging process – sagging skin
– The infra-orbital lines – tired eyes
Nasio-labila folds
– The naso-jugal groove
– The lateral jowl
– The collapse of cheek bone (blush area)

When patients are given the opportunity to review their own photographs and mark the areas of concern, we have found that 99% of patients will move forward with some sort of Botox® or facial rejuvenation treatment.  One of the tips we teach in L2, is to have each team member ask patients if they would like to see their own before and after photographs after having Botox treatment.

For more information on the RFRP, view our online Photography for Facial Rejuvenation course, enrol in our L2 course, or contact us at