Business & Clinical Integration for BoNT-A

An online course designed to teach you the business side and clinical integration of botulinum toxin (BoNT-A). Geared for non-injecting team members (office managers, reception, chair-side assistants, MOA, hygienists, pharmacy assistants, etc), however practitioners can also take the course. Upon completion, you will have the skills to effectively integrate treatment into your office and provide the highest level of patient care.

Business & Clinical Integration for BoNT-A

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Course Overview

The Business & Clinical Integration for BoNT-A is an online self-directed course covering the following topics:

  1. What is Botulinum Toxin (BoNT-A)?
  2. Photography - which images, proper storage & comparison
  3. Reception
  4. Billing & Insurance
  5. Office Requirements, Supplies & Tray Set-up
  6. The Ideal BoNT-A Sequence
  7. Reconstituting & Drawing-up Syringes
  8. Booking, Recare & Follow-up Appointments
  9. Marketing & Patient Education

Develop the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to successfully integrate BoNT-A into a dental or medical practice. A certificate of completion is provided, as well as all of the necessary patient forms.


  1. Describe how botulinum toxin is used both therapeutically and cosmetically to improve patient care.

  2. Identify and describe clinical integration protocols required for successful integration of botulinum toxin into a dental or medical practice.

  3. Describe the Roberts Facial Rejuvenation Photography series and how it can be stored, compared and used for case acceptance.


  • What is Botulinum Toxin
  • Photography - storage & comparison
  • Reception Details
  • Office Requirements, Supplies & Tray Set-up
  • Reconstitution & Loading Syringes
  • The Ideal Treatment Sequence
  • Billing - including therapeutic & insurance details
  • Scheduling & Booking Recare Appointments
  • Marketing & Patient Education
  • Medical Forms
  • FACETEC Software - cloud storage for records & photos
  • Support through the online Study Club

Format & CE

The Business & Clinical Integration for Botulinum Toxin is an online self-directed course (6 hours). Access is provided for six months.

6 CE credits are provided upon successful completion of the exam.


Who is a Team Member and why is it recommended for them to come to the course?
Team Members are any non-injecting staff member within your office, such as: receptionists, office managers, chair-side assistants, hygienists, medical office assistants, pharmacist assistants, etc. We have found that the offices who cross-train their entire teams are the most successful integrating treatment into their practice. Team Members play an important role facilitating the integration into your practice. We highly encourage you register your entire team for the Level 2 – Team Training course.
How do I complete the course materials and exam?
Your access details will be emailed to you within 30 minutes of registering. We recommend reviewing the “Welcome” tab and downloading your online syllabus to begin. We recommend that you begin and save the exam as you go through and complete each section of the course. Once you submit your exam online, your results will be immediately emailed to you.
I lost my CE certificate. How do I get a copy?
Please search your email inbox for your exam results. The link to your certificate is located in this email. A fee of $125 is charged is charged for PTIFA to re-send copies of your certificate.



Provide a high-level of patient care when you have a deep understanding of the business and clinical principles when integrating into a dental or medical office.


Immediately integrate botulinum toxin treatment into your office with our proven clinical protocols.


Fully engage and cross-train the entire office team when they understand PTIFA's business & clinical foundations for integrating botulinum toxin.


Train your team to take standardized photography using the Roberts Facial Rejuvenation Photography series. Store & manage your photography using FACETEC Software.


Develop portfolios of your top cases using FACETEC Software. 


Understand how to bill different botulinum toxin treatments, and how to submit treatments for insurance coverage.

Fees & Requirements

Pre-requisite: There is no pre-requisite to take this course. The course is online and is open to anyone, including both non-injectors and practitioners.

Tuition: $399 per person.

All funds are in Canadian Dollars. Please review our Registration Policy prior to registering.

CE Recognition

PTIFA is an ADA CERP recognized provider. ADA CERP is a service of the American Dental Association to assist dental professionals in identifying quality providers with continuing dental education. ADA CERP does not approve or endorse individual courses or instructors, nor does it imply acceptance of credit hours by boards of dentistry. PTIFA designates the Business & Clinical Integration for BoNT-A course for 7 hours of continuing education credits.

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