Level 4 – Basic Facial Dermal Filler: Vermilion Border, Lips, Naso-Labial Folds, Cheeks, Marionette Lines

An introductory facial dermal filler course. Learn how to cautiously add facial volume and reduce deep facial lines and folds with dermal fillers. Level 4 is a comprehensive facial dermal filler course that reviews the anatomy, injection treatments and results of cases in Level 1 through 3, and presents them in combination with dermal fillers to complete the 3D analysis and rejuvenation of lost volume with predictable results.

This course proudly welcomes Dr. Kimit Rai as the Clinical Director.

The Level 4 course begins with a review of how advanced techniques of botulinum toxin is used in the mid and lower face to relax the muscle. Repeated treatment with botulinum toxin diminishes the subconscious habits that resulted in lines, depressions, lumps and bumps. Learn how you can prolong the results of dermal filler by adding volume in deep facial lines and folds after relaxing the musculature. 

Day 1 - Advanced Anatomy Review (Friday evening)

Dr. Roberts & Dr. Rai provide an in-depth review of anatomy focused on the of the mid-face and lower-face. In this integrative skull & cadaver lab, learn how surfaces feature and bony landmarks relate to underlying musculature.

Day 2 - Clinical Hands-on

Day 2 is an advanced clinical hands-on practicum where you will have the opportunity to watch a live demonstration and inject dermal filler on your own patient models. Each practitioner must provide at least one patient model for treatment. Multiple patients is highly recommended.


  1. Understand the aging process and the integration of the multi-treatment modalities, including botulinum toxin, dermal fillers, lasers and pharmaceuticals
  2. Understand how the use of botulinum toxin can augment filler treatment, decrease the amount of filler required and enhance the longevity of the treatments
  3. Develop a team oriented 3D analysis and injection set-up
  4. Understand that the initial diagnosis is critical to presenting the multi-treatment rejuvenation options to the patient
  5. Understand how to improve patient care with filler in the vermilion border, lips, interdental papilla, nasolabial folds.


  • Introduction to Dermal Filler
  • Foundational Concepts
  • Intra-Oral Injection Techniques for Vermilion Border, Lips, Nasolabial folds, Interdental Papilla
  • Clinical Techniques
  • Complications

Format & CE

Level 4 includes an online didactic section (20 hours + exam), and 1.5-days of hands-on (12 hours). Level 4 includes 32 CE credits upon successful completion of the hands-on session. Upon registration, access to the online Level 4 course materials is provided for one-year.


Do you have travel & hotel recommendations for coming to Vancouver?
Yes! Upon confirming your seat in hands-on course date, you will be emailed a copy of your course Welcome Package which has travel information, including corporate rates available with nearby hotels and flight recommendations.
Are botulinum toxin/dermal fillers approved for me by my college?
PTIFA trains dentists, physicians and nurses from across the world. The scope of practice varies across the jurisdictions. We recommend that you check-in with your local licensing college for guidelines prior to registering.


Learn how to prolong the results of dermal filler treatment after relaxing the musculature.

Learn how to cautiously add facial volume and reduce deep facial lines and folds with dermal fillers.

Learn how to improve patient care with dermal filler treatment.

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Level 3 is highly recommended, however at a minimum, practitioners must have completed Level 2 and have proficiency of the PTIFA Marking & Injection Techniques (20 cases is a suggested recommendation).

Requirements: At least one patient model, current copy of your license and malpractice insurance is required.


  • Practitioner Tuition (Dentist, Physician, Nurse): $3,800
  • Team Member Tuition (Auxiliary Staff): $799
  • Patient Model: Cost of supplies used at the course. Practitioners are responsible solely for the patient model they provide at the course.

All funds are in Canadian Dollars. Please review our Registration Policy prior to registering.

PTIFA is an ADA CERP recognized provider. ADA CERP is a service of the American Dental Association to assist dental professionals in identifying quality providers with continuing dental education. ADA CERP does not approve or endorse individual courses or instructors, nor does it imply acceptance of credit hours by boards of dentistry. PTIFA designates Level 4 for 32 hours of continuing education credits.

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