Level 6 – Lasers & Advanced Non-Surgical Aesthetic Procedures


The technology in facial aesthetics is a a rapidly changing area. CO2 lasers have been replaced with RF technology. The IPL is being replaced with microdermabrasion/infusion & now micro needling/infusion. The revolution in treatment with new technologies has progressed from invasive technology to stimulating your body to perform the rejuvenation.

Before you purchase a new technology, the Level 6 course allows you to review all of the technologies available and then make a decision on which technology is best suited for your practice.

Course Outline

Day 1

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Day 2



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Format & CE

Level 6 includes 10-hours online & 8-hours hands-on.


Do you have travel & hotel recommendations for coming to Vancouver?
Yes! Upon confirming your seat in hands-on course date, you will be emailed a copy of your course Welcome Package which has travel information, including corporate rates available with nearby hotels and flight recommendations.
How are your courses different from others?
PTIFA is an advanced anatomy-based educational provider who has more than 8,000 dentist, physician and nurse alumni around the world. Our graduates have been trained to provide the highest level of patient care in the field. PTIFA’s courses provide an unprecedented depth of clinical teaching in the field of facial rejuvenation with an emphasis on anatomy and evidence-based learning, clinical efficacy and proficiency, as well as complete practice and team integration. We offer a unique educational format that includes a combination of online courses, extensive hands-on clinical experience and an online Support Study Club. You will not find a more comprehensive and anatomy-based injectable course. Many licensing colleges are now adopting our educational curriculum to establish the “Standard of Practice” within their jurisdiction.


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