Level 3 Team Training


EMGSimilar to the Level 2 program, the Team Training program of the Level 3 course is geared to take the entire team’s facial rejuvenation knowledge and practice integration to the next level. If you plan on treating myofacial pain in your practice, you will need your top clinical team members to attend this course with you.

  • Prerequisite: completion of PTIFA’s Level 2 Team Training is highly recommended
  • Format: online didactic (8 hours with exam), and 1-day of clinical hands-on (8 hours)
  • CE: 16 credits (AGD PACE, ADA CERP & ADA+C certified)
  • Fee: $799 per team member


1) Learn how botulinum toxin (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) is used to improve patient care in the mid-face, lower-face and neck.
2) Learn how to use EMG analytics to assist with the diagnosis, dosage, musculature and injection timing when treating myofascial pain
3) Develop a deeper understanding of how botulinum toxin is used in conjunction with dermal fillers treatment in the mid and lower-face.


Team members will learn how practitioners use botulinum toxin to reduce the signs of aging, including wrinkles and fine lines, in the mid-face, lower-face a neck. They will also learn how it can be used to improve gummy smiles, canted smiles and how to achieve the ultimate smile.  Team members will receive hands-on training how to to place EMG’s when treating patients with myofascial pain. The course also covers tips on how to stage your practice for facial rejuvenation.

Hands-on Photography

Team members are trained how to take the relaxed and dynamic markings of the various therapeutic injection marking templates for parafuncational habits, TMD, headache, migraine and myofascial pain. Team members will learn how to load the photographs into the software and how to compare all 29 photographs to origin, 2-week, 3-month, 6-month, 9-weeks.

Options for Team Member Registration

  • We recommend team members review the Level 1 online course, as well as the online videos for Level 2 prior to attending Level 3
  • We highly recommend Level 3 for your top clinical team members (ie: chair-side assistants)