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An online self-directed course that provides an in-depth review of head & neck anatomy (20 hrs) and its relevance to the administration of offering therapeutic and aesthetic botulinum toxin, dermal fillers & more. Access is granted for one year.

Level 1 - Advanced Anatomy Review & Intro to Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Filler
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A clinical course offering the most hands-on training offered within the industry. Upon completion of Level 2, you will be trained how to inject BoNT-A aesthetically in the upper face (glabella, frontalis, orbicularis oculi) as well as the therapeutically for facial pain (migraines, headaches, TMD). Receive closely supervised hands-on training with the opportunity to inject 8+ patients. Courses in Toronto, ON: Dentists attending the hands-on in Ontario will be limited to therapeutic-based cases only (masseter & temporalis).

Jan 12-13, 2024
Level 2 - Basic Botulinum Toxin: Aesthetic Upper Face & Therapeutic Pain Management
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An advanced clinical botulinum toxin course that provides an in-depth analysis of the symptoms and conditions of chronic facial pain and how to treat them with botulinum toxin. It also covers advanced aesthetic applications of botulinum toxin to reduce the signs of aging in the mid-face, lower-face and neck, as well as for correcting gummy and canted smiles.

Feb 2-3, 2024
Level 3 - Advanced Botulinum Toxin: Cosmetic Mid Face, Lower Face/Neck & Myofascial Pain
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An introductory facial dermal filler course that teaches the judicious use of fillers to increase facial volume, enhance lips and reduce deep facial lines and folds. Level 4 reviews the anatomy, injection treatments and results obtained in Levels 1 through 3 and uses dermal fillers to take results to the next level.

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An advanced facial dermal filler course focusing on the anatomy, extra-oral and intra-oral tri-bolous injection techniques for maxillary cheek augmentation, and for increasing volume in the temporal and chin areas using cannula technique.

Date & Location TBA
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A one-day Botox hands-on course geared to redevelop your confidence landmarking precise injection sites in the upper face & for TMD.

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An online & clinical course teaching skin rejuvenation using Health Canada & FDA approved microneedling devices. Learn how to stimulate new collagen & elastin production in the dermis using very fine, surgical-grade sterile needles.

Mar 15, 2024
Medical Microneedling