Botox & Fillers training for Nurses

If you are a nurse looking to get trained with botulinum toxin (aka Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) and/or dermal fillers, you have come to the right place. Our courses are geared for RN’s – which we teach on an international level. As an RN, you are able to take the same training as a MD, DMD. We’ve outlined the top questions asked by RN’s below.

Testimonial from a recent RN graduate

The courses developed by the PTIFA are a must for both advanced and beginners to the field of cosmetic and therapeutic injections.

For those just starting, if you are searching and comparing which course to take. STOP SEARCHING.  THIS IS THE ONE.  You will gain the confidence and competence to immediately add cosmetic injectables to your existing practice.

For those, that think they have seen it all, you will gain UNRESTRICTED ACCESS TO THE MOST EVIDENCE AND PRACTICE-BASED APPROACHES AND TECHNIQUES that have ever been willingly shared by any other top practitioners in the industry.

As an advanced injection trainer and developer of injection training programs for the cosmetic injection industry to plastic surgeons, dermatologists, cosmetic physicians, dentists and nurses, I have had the very unique privilege to attend and participate in numerous training courses as well as work alongside many of the industry’s leading injectors.

Along with a busy injection practice that has progressively grown since 2007, I was initially hesitant on investing additional time and money into another basic injection training program.  I am very glad I did.

Many courses have been derived from the product company’s training material (Allergan, Medicis, Valeant, Clarion , etc.), re-branded and delivered as the “most comprehensive” training course available.

I can, without a doubt, state that the courses and programs developed by the PTIFA in my opinion, is officially “THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE, THE MOST EVIDENCE-BASED, and THE MOST PRACTICE-BASED PROGRAM in the MARKET”.  They have compiled the latest clinical studies, the industry’s only cadaver-lab session, the most recent advancements in injection techniques, an ongoing Study Club, and shared their own in-house clinical data to deliver a program that will continuously advance your practice.

I walked away from the Level 2 training with a re-energized passion for the industry and a myriad of new approaches and techniques that will further improve my practice and allow me to deliver even better results for my clients.

Dr. Warren Roberts and his team share the best of the best in the industry with the personal belief that they will produce the best and will in turn be able to continuously learn from the best – they are very successful at what they do, and remain very humble about it – which are very difficult qualities to find in the industry.  Plus they do this all with the most beautiful smiles!

I look forward to advancing through the different levels and learning more!


1. What courses does a nurse have to take?

Our courses are tiered so that you take as many levels as you want to advance to. In order to be a certified botulinum toxin provider, a nurse (including RN’s and LPN’s) will need to take a minimum of the following courses:

Upon successful completion, a nurse will be trained to provide injections in the upper face cosmetically (frontalis, crows feet, glabella), and also for bruxism treatment.

After Level 2, nurses may advanced to Level 3 – Advanced Botulinum Toxin where you learn how to provide treatment in the mid-face, lower-face and neck cosmetically, as well as for treating myofascial pain. You must have 20 cases documented from Level 2 prior to advancing to Level 3.

After Level 3, nurses may advanced to Level 4 – Dermal Fillers. You must have 20 cases documented from Level 3 prior to advancing to Level 4.

2. Are the courses at PTIFA geared for dentists?

No, our courses are geared for any medical practitioner looking to gain confidence and successfully integrate botox, dermal fillers and facial rejuvenation back in practice. We are confident that our programs will give practitioners, including nurses, the knowledge and training to improve patient care back in any type of practice. The clinical protocols taught at PTIFA have made Drs. Roberts the #1 dental providers of Botox in North America. They are passionate about sharing their experience with nurses.

3. How much does training cost? Is there a payment plan available?

Please select a course link from above to learn more about each course. We would like to be able to help you take advanced university-level training. As such, please contact us for details on setting up a payment plan for your tuition.

4. Can I offer treatment to patients on my own?

Nurses are typically able to provide treatment under the care of a physician, dentist or specialist. Typically, nurses are unable to purchase product directly from the manufacturers and provide treatment on their own. We recommend checking in with your local college.

5. Can I just take Level 4 Dermal Fillers training?

Our educational model is extensive and very unique, which is why all practitioners are required to advance up through the levels. Each level is build on the prior level. Without taking Levels 1 through 3, practitioners will not have a solid foundation and that it will be difficult to understand the material presented in Level 4.

6. Where can I work after I have taken training?

Typically, we see nurses working in medical spas, dental offices and other physician-supervised clinics. Their position could be full-time, casual or contract – depending on the needs of the clinic they work in. We always recommend checking in with your local college.

7. What sort of Compensation Model is Offered?

Typically, nurse injectors will be paid a higher hourly rate, commissioned on the treatment they provide, or a combination of the two.

8. How can I get a job when I have no experience, other than my training?

Dr. Roberts currently accepts a limited number of nurses as interns at his practice, A Smile Above in Vancouver. Working as an injector intern, you will gain valuable clinical experience and further develop your confidence. For more information, please call us at 1-855-681-0066.