Botox + Dermal Fillers Training for Physicians

If you are a physician looking to incorporate botulinum toxin (aka Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) and/or dermal fillers into your practice, you have come to the right place.

“The PTIFA Botox course is hands down the most thorough and clinically relevant program available for any physician who is considering expanding their skills and services to this field.  Students receive a detailed education on theory, pharmacodynamics, technique, and safety protocols required to confidently provide quality care, supplemented by hands-on anatomy lab training relevant to our medical training.  Although the focus is on popular and effective cosmetic treatments, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that common and practical therapeutic Botox applications are also covered.  I appreciate the plethora of resources at my disposal from PTIFA for ongoing learning and invaluable support after completing their program.  My patients are happy and so am I!”
Dr. Nathalie Boudreau, MD, CCFP (BC)


What courses do MD’s need to take?

In order to be a certified botulinum toxin provider, MD’s will need to take a minimum of the following courses:

Upon successful completion, MD’s will be trained to provide injections in the upper face cosmetically (frontalis, crows feet, glabella), and also for bruxism treatment.

After Level 2, MD’s may advance to Level 3 – Advanced Botulinum Toxin where you learn how to provide treatment in the mid-face, lower-face and neck cosmetically, as well as for treating myofascial pain. You must have 20 cases documented from Level 2 prior to advancing to Level 3.

After Level 3, MD’s may advance to Level 4 – Dermal Fillers. You must have 20 cases documented from Level 3 prior to advancing to Level 4.

Can I submit my hours of education for credits?

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 12.08.16 PMSince July 2014, the College of Family Physicians of Canada does not formally recognize any aesthetic training programs for physicians. Physicians may submit their training certificates from PTIFA for non-certified main-pro credits.The courses at PTIFA qualifies for M2 credits (one per hour) towards your CFPC cycle requirements, and MD’s may choose to apply to CFPC for consideration of M1 credits if desired.

Are the courses at PTIFA geared for dentists?

Our courses are geared for any practitioner looking to gain confidence and successfully integrate facial rejuvenation back in practice. We are confident that our programs will give practitioners, including physicians, the knowledge and training to improve patient care back in any type of practice. The clinical protocols taught at PTIFA have made Drs. Roberts the #1 dental providers of Botox in North America. They are passionate about sharing their experience with MD’s.