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The Therapeutic Use of Botulinum Toxin and Cosmetic Side Effects

Learn how neuromodulators can positively impact parafunctional habits, endodontics, TMD/myofascial pain, trigeminal neuralgia, periodontics, anxiety & depression, dental implants and smile design. Develop an understanding of the primary, secondary & tertiary mechanisms of action of botulinum toxin along with a sound foundation in anatomy opens up a new approach to traditional dental therapies. This course is about botulinum toxin beyond the wrinkles!


  1. To illustrate how the use of botulinum toxin can interface with other dental treatments (inc…implants, TMD, perio, endo, ortho for more positive treatment outcomes.
  2. To explain the synergy between the therapeutic and cosmetic uses of botulinum toxin
  3. To show how an in-depth understanding of anatomy is crucial for positive patient outcomes.


Pain Management Using Botulinum Toxin’s Secondary Mechanism of Action

The three distinct mechanisms of action of botulinum toxin will be discussed. Each mechanism of action has a different effect and can be used effectively in pain management.


  1. To understand the primary effect of botulinum toxin on muscle
  2. To understand the secondary effect of botulinum toxin on the pain mechanism
  3. To understand their synergetic effect on myofascial pain


Using Botulinum Toxin to Improve Implant Success

Using botulinum toxin prior to implant surgery can enhance hard and soft tissue grafting success and aid in successful bone regeneration.


  1. To understand how the muscles of the alveolar ridges can interfere with implant success
  2. To understand the importance of angiogenesis in graft and implant treatment
  3. To understand how relaxation of the musculature using botulinum toxin can enhance positive outcomes when placing implants.


Using Botulinum Toxin to Enhance the Ultimate Smile Design

The frame around a cosmetic smile design needs to be attractive and appropriate or it detracts from the work of art it surrounds. Conversely, when the frame is complimentary and congruent with the smile it encompasses, the overall result is enhanced. Botulinum toxin can be effectively used to enhance the overall result of cosmetic smile makeovers.


  1. To discuss how micro, mini and macro esthetics all provide a frame for the teeth
  2. To illustrate how the use of botulinum toxin in conjunction with cosmetic dental procedures can affect a better outcome that traditional cosmetic dental treatment alone.
  3. To illustrate how botulinum toxin can influence the final outcome of a smile design using case studies.