Advanced Anatomy Learning

1106_Front_and_Side_Views_of_the_Muscles_of_Facial_ExpressionsDid you know that 90% of negative side effects from botulinum toxin type A (aka Botox®/Dysport/Xeomin) are injector related? That’s why we are big believers in all practitioners having an advanced education in anatomy.

Advanced anatomy for predictable & desired results, and no negative side effects

Due to the close proximity of the muscles of facial expression, botulinum toxin type A injectors need the knowledge to be able to precisely select and mark the exact muscle to inject for desired effects, and alternatively, know which muscles to completely avoid to achieve no negative side effects.

PTIFA offers the only botulinum toxin type A program that incorporates over 16 hours of advanced anatomy in our foundational Level 1 online course. You will also gain access to the online e-Cadaver and e-Skull videos, which allow you to review the material at any time – an excellent resource for future reference on your cases. When you attend the hands-on Level 2 course, you will attend a hands-on cadaver laboratory and have a unique opportunity to watch Dr. Roberts explain how surface features relate with underlying musculature and bones.

Levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 are build on the foundations of Level 1’s advanced anatomy learning and is also a viewing prerequisite for each level. Furthermore, our program provides you with treatment templates, and specific marking and injection techniques to help you achieve predictable results, and higher patient satisfaction (with no negative side effects).