Botox Course Testimonials

We recently completed our L2: Basic Botox: Upper Face & TMD course in Vancouver this past weekend. Hear what some of our graduates including dentists, nurses and team members have to say about PTIFA’s hands-on Botox course.

“Upon completion of L2: Botox for Upper Face & TMD, I felt completely confident with the treatment protocol – thank you!”. Dr. Jasminder Gill (Fort McMurray, AB)

“This was the most complete course I have ever taken.” Dr. Frank Neves (Calgary, AB)

“So far my jaw feels AMAZING! My right masseter feels soft for the first time in years and my face shape has actually changed already so it is more rounded.” EMG Botox patient, Dr. Jody Varughese (Edmonton, AB)

“I feel very confident in my ability to provide Botox to my patients with the very comprehensive course Dr. Roberts has provided.” Dr. Rachelle Carson (Edmonton, AB)

“To begin, I had great doubt about being able to do this procedure well. Dr. Roberts taught us how to put precise effort in, resulting in great results.” Dr. Harold Elke (Lethbridge, AB)

“This course was amazing. After dental assisting for 27 years, this course gave me a new and exciting element to add to our cosmetic dentistry services.” Tracey Johnson

“I thought that the staff was wonderful, and that they were very good at teaching. Thank you.” Andrea Lomax

“This course had amazing clarity with examples to support the info given. Hands-on was very simple and easy to grasp. A great team to work with. Thank you!” Meagan Yager

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