Level 2: Patients for the Clinical Hands-on

We are committed to maximizing the amount of hands-on clinical experience you have in our Level 2 program. In order to achieve this, each practitioner is required to provide a model for the clinical hands-on.

Suggestions for patient models:
– yourself
– team members
– friend or family members
– a top patient

If you are unable to provide a patient model, please contact us as soon as possible.

Patient Type

As this course is for learning how to treat patients cosmetically in the upper face as well as for bruxism/TMD, the ideal patients for this course will want to decrease the signs of aging in their upper face (reduce fine forehead lines, crows feet and the “number 11″ lines between the eyes), or want to reduce bruxism/TMJ symptoms (bruxing, clenching or grinding). Please ensure your patient model is informed in advance that they will be receiving treatment in an educational environment.

Patient Details

In order to maximize each practitioner’s hands-on experience, patients are typically shared during the clinical hands-on. Each practitioner will take turns injecting specific areas. Ie: the first injector will treat glabella, the next doctor will treat frontalis, the next injector will treat crows feet. For the next patient, each injector will switch and inject a different area.

Treatment Fee

Please note that each practitioner is responsible for their model’s treatment fee (provided at the course at a courtesy rate of $6/unit).

How to Reserve an Appointment

The clinical hands-on is held on Saturdays. Please contact Dr. Roberts’ clinic “A Smile Above” at 604-688-4422 to reserve an appointment time for your model and state whether the patient is interested in cosmetic or therapeutic treatment. If you are having trouble confirming a patient for the program, please contact us.