Apr 26-29, 2023

AACD Texas

aacd 2023 texas logoJoin us at the upcoming American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s 2023 Scientific Session in Grapevine, Texas.
Dr. Roberts will be speaking on how you can use botulinum toxin to reduce gingival display.

OMG – A Gummy Smile!

They say that you are ‘never fully dressed without a smile’.

Young and more mature patients are treated completely differently for “gummy smile”. In this lecture, Dr. Roberts explains the origin of a gummy smile, it’s various causes and treatments available – including botulinum toxin and how it can be tailored appropriately for different patient groups.

When injecting botulinum toxin, a deep understanding of facial anatomy is required in order to achieve consistent and predictable results and avoid any negative side effects. In this anatomy-led session, Dr. Roberts uses a skull and cadaver to show the anatomical causes of a ‘gummy smile’. Delegates will then observe a live demonstration of the PTIFA Anatomical Marking Technique for identifying vital landmarks and appropriate injection sites for botulinum toxin treatment to reduce gingival display and help patients achieve the ultimate smile.

Learn how PTIFA’s industry-leading techniques can help you provide the highest level of patient care, improve your competency and proficiency and achieve even greater practice success.

Lecture Objectives:

  1. Describe why a deep understanding of facial anatomy is crucial for providing predictable botulinum toxin treatment in the mid and lower face.
  2. Describe how surface features of the face relate to underlying anatomy.
  3. Describe how to adapt botulinum toxin treatment appropriately when treating both younger and more mature patients.
  4. Describe how the PTIFA Anatomical Landmarking Technique is used when injecting botulinum toxin to reduce gingival display.

Speaker: Dr. Warren Roberts

Session Dates: Wed, April 26, 2023 and Thurs, April 27, 2023

Exhibits: Visit our booth on Thurs, April 27th and Friday, April 28th, 2023

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Grapevine, TX
Apr 26-29, 2023

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