Mar 10 - Apr 12, 2022

Pacific Dental Conference 2022

Pacific Dental Conference 2022 Virtual LogoDr. Warren Roberts is pleased to be presenting virtually at this year’s Pacific Dental Conference (PDC) in Vancouver, BC.
The presentation will be available online from March 14 – April 12, 2022. Learn more and register at

OMG – A Gummy Smile

They say that you are ‘never fully dressed without a smile’. In this lecture, Dr. Roberts explains the origin of a ‘Gummy Smile’, it’s various causes and treatments available – including how Botulinum Toxin (aka Botox/Dysport) can be used and tailored appropriately for different patient groups. Is it the length of the lip, hyperactivity of the lip, is it the short clinical crown of the tooth, is it altered passive eruption, is it dentoalveolar extrusion or is it vertical maxillary access? Or a combination? In order to arrive at the differential diagnosis of a Gummy Smile, it is important to have a deep understanding of the mid-face musculature including: Levator Labii Superioris Alaeque Nasi, Levator Superioris and Zygomatic Minor & Major. Dr. Roberts reviews how to identify vital landmarks and appropriate injection sites for Botulinum Toxin treatment so that you can reduce gingival display and help your patients achieve the ultimate smile.


  1. Describe the differential diagnosis of a Gummy Smile & the importance of having a deep understanding of facial anatomy.
  2. Describe the different ways of treating Gummy Smile.
  3. Describe how Botulinum Toxin treatment can be appropriately adapted for treating both younger and more mature patients in the mid-face.

Speaker: Dr. Warren Roberts

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Virtual Session

Mar 10 - Apr 12, 2022